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All Champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is Champagne. There are several types of sparkling wine. The most common: Champagne, prosecco, cava, and sparkling wine from the United States. Champagne can only be called Champagne if it comes from the Champagne region in northern France.


Ayala Champagne Brut Nature Ayala Champagne Brut Nature Brut Nature demonstrates to perfection the high quality of grapes used by the House to craft its wines, and its remarkable expertise in vinification. Making a no-dosage wine is quite complex, and Ayala’s expression offers nothing short of purity and precision.  Ayala’s Brut Nature is a blend [...]


Color : Festive cranberry. Bouquet : Aromatic with hints of raspberries strawberries and rose petals. Taste : Fresh raspberries with crisp acidity enticing the palate with an initial softness graduating to a clean and dry finish.


Sweet with hints of honey. Well balanced with a fresh acidity.


2017 Iron Horse Classic Vintage Brut 2017 Iron Horse Classic Vintage Brut This 2017 vintage is considered the “flagship” of the Iron Horse bubblies as it shows everything the family strives to accomplish, striking memory bells that say “champagne” in quality and finesse, but with flavors that are unmistakably Sonoma County, Russian River, Green Valley [...]


Pares Balta Cava Brut Pares Balta Cava Brut, Non-Vintage Sparkling Wine from Cava, Spain  Winemaker Notes: Pale yellow color. Medium intensity on the nose with toasty notes combined with aroma of pear and apple. Fresh and alive in the mouth with dominating notes of fruit. Light and soft with a pleasant finish. The roots of Pares [...]


Bellissima Zero is crisp and fresh




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