Frescobaldi :Essence of Tuscany. With a medieval and Renaissance heart.

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Frescobaldi Winery

Frescobaldi Winery uniqueness stems precisely from the representation of this diversity, from its estates and from wines which express a kaleidoscope of aromas and sensations, springing from the characteristics of each individual terroir​

Behind every Frescobaldi wine lies the passion of our agronomists and oenologists, who know our vineyards and terroirs down to the finest detail. Their art, creating quality wines, requires the iron rule of respect. Respect for our tradition, which guides us, even in the midst of innovation or avantgarde solutions. Respect for Tuscany, our living land, to be cultivated in harmony and serenity. Respect for each individual terroir, borne of a unique combination of soil, altitude and microclimate, each giving us a wine with its own matchless personality.​

Alie Rose Marine nymph, symbol of sensuality and beauty An elegant, light-coloured Rosé, with delicate ruby reflections, a refined balance between Syrah and Vermentino. 2020 Frescobaldi Alie Rose

Montesodi The great expression of Sangiovese A Cru born in 1974 with Sangiovese grapes cultivated in the vineyard of the same name. 2013 Frescobaldi Montesodi Castello Nipozzano