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Spain is one of the most important wine producing countries in the world. The noble red grape of Spain is Temporarily and it is prevalent in Spain’s most famous red wine regions Rioja and Ribera del Duero. Both regions makes some of the worlds greatest red wines. Wines from Rioja tend to bemore elegant and medium bodied and Ribera del Duero make more richer, more powerful fuller bodied reds. Other important red wine regions are the Priorat and Bierzo. Spain is very important for incredible red wine values, some of the finest big reds at reasonable prices come from Spain. There is an abundance of old vine vineyards all over Spain that have the potential to make great wine at low prices and when made by talented winemakers offer incredible values. On the white side the two most important grapes are Albarino and Verdejo. Albarino mainly from Galicia is famous for its apricot nuances, and it is considered the finest seafood white wine. Verdejo stylistically is very similar to Sauvignon Blanc. Both whites are normally unoaked, clean and fresh, great aperitifs or with lighter fair. Also important to mention are the sparkling wines made in Spain called Cava, great alternatives to Prosecco are more expensive French Champagne and the great Sherries from salty dry to the most delicious sweet nectar.